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8078CA_AS3000 MDx
Process More Samples in Less Time

With the automated Maxwell® 16 System for research use, you can extract DNA, RNA or protein from up to 16 samples in less than 45 minutes. The Maxwell® 16 System uses paramagnetic-particle technology for faster separations, enabling you to do more science without adding personnel.

Featured Products

Maxwell® 16 MDx Research System

This robust, automated DNA or RNA Extraction system prevents cross-contamination by eliminating splashing, aerosols and drops from pipette tips during extraction.

Maxwell® 16 Research System

This benchtop instrument provides fast automation of routine DNA, RNA or protein extractions resulting in reproducible yields and purity.

Maxwell® 16 Forensic System

This compact instrument automates high-yield DNA extraction for casework, database and relationship DNA-typing analysis.

Featured Resources

Multimedia_fr simplyRNA on Maxwell® 16 vs. RNeasy on QIAcube

It's easy to set up RNA purification on Maxwell® 16 Instrument. But it takes longer on some other instruments.

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