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HaloTag® Technology: Cell Imaging and Protein Analysis


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The HaloTag® Interchangeable Labeling Technology provides options for rapid, site-specific labeling of proteins in living cells and in vitro. The technology is based on the formation of a covalent bond between HaloTag® Protein and synthetic ligands that carry a variety of functionalities. The covalent bond forms rapidly under physiological conditions, is highly specific and essentially irreversible, yielding a complex that is stable even under denaturing conditions.

Cell Notes 14, 10–14.

G. Los, R. Learish, Natasha Karassina, Chad Zimprich, Mark G. McDougall, Lance P. Encell, Rachel Friedman-Ohana, Monika Wood, Gediminas Vidugiris, Kris Zimmerman, Paul Otto, Soshana Berstock, Dieter Klaubert,and Ketih V. Wood

Promega Corporation and Promega Biosciences, Inc.
Publication Date: 2006

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